6 Easy Hacks to Enlarge your Lips without Surgery

    Many people around the world are afraid of undergoing any type of medical procedure.  But everyone needs to look younger and more attractive without putting in all their efforts. Lip enlargement is currently in demand not just among teenagers, but also among women over 40.

    Thick, plump looks make you look more beautiful and that is why cosmetics clinics are becoming billionaires now. Lip surgical procedures sometimes might be harmful. We’ve gathered a few simple at-home strategies for lip enlargement that you can try in the comfort of your own house.


    Cosmetic dentistry has played a core part in the enlargement of the lips. You just have to brush your teeth smoothly. This process recovers your dry, shriveled lips to tint rosy lips. It will also increase the circulation of blood around your lips giving them a chubbier look. 

    This time you enter your cosmetic shop to look for any sugar lip scrub for a more stunning look.

    Apply concealer before lipstick

    Are you amazed how the girls at the party have smoothly applied their lipstick? It’s simple because they put concealer on the outside of their lips first, then lipstick.

    Grab a minute thin brush for making a line outside your lip line and wait for the magical lips.

    Lip balm

    After entering a cosmetic shop this is the common thing numerous women ignore. Many of us do not take lip balm seriously. To our larger lips, though, they work like milk in a tea.

    For maintaining the perfect glow and shape you need to hydrate your lips. Not only by drinking water, but by applying balm on your lips too.


    What if our flowers do not get water for a few days? How much they wither? The same is the case for our lips. If we don’t drink enough water in our everyday routine, we end up with shriveled lips. 

    For glossy and healthier-looking lips you need to rehydrate your body again and again. Plus this is not for a day or two but keep it a routine. 

    Plumping treatment

    After hearing treatment the first thing that crosses your mind is needles or knives. Right? But you might be wrong here. As this is the safest thing that ever to happen to your lip. This treatment adds volume by hydrating your lips and giving them a plumper look. 

    DIY treatment

    Yes, if you are too lazy to put any effort into your lip extensions then go ahead with this option. Open your kitchen cabinets and grasp a little cayenne powder and a little olive oil. Mix it thoroughly and apply it to your lips, this will enlarge your lips temporarily. 

    Plus this is the safest and most sound process and accessible.

    Points to Ponder

    As we have discussed all the procedures for lip enlargement without surgery. We anticipate you to select fewer alternatives from the list above in order to appear younger.


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