Am I Eligible to Apply for an USA Tourist Visa & How to Get One?

    Were you planning to visit the Niagra Waterfalls this summer? Then, get a tourist visa to the United States of America and see it with your family. The USA is one of the top destinations of many tourists worldwide because of its scenic beauty and acceptance of varied cultures. When you are ready to pack your bags up, reach out to the US tourist visa agents in Bangalore. They will provide all the assistance needed to apply for the visitor visa.

    Who Can Apply for an USA Tourist Visa?

    Any person who has completed all the below-mentioned requirements can apply for a visitor visa and go for a trip to the United States of America. The permit to stay in the country is usually valid for six months to ten years.

    • He must fill-up the non-immigration form (DS-160), which is available online.
    • He must be a holder of a valid passport which do not expire for the next six months after his stay in the united states.
    • He should upload his recently shot not less than three months old passport-sized photograph as per the specifications given in the DS-160 form.
    • He must pay the application fee that he will be asked for while scheduling the date and time for the interview with the authorities. And must have the receipt as proof.
    • He should also provide the list of all his social media accounts, mobile numbers, email IDs, etc., during the application time.
    • He should give the correct address of the house, apartment, hotel where he plans to stay during his visit to the USA.
    • He must be a holder of an apt insurance policy to travel.
    • He should have valid to and return travel tickets in his name.
    • Finally, he must provide the documents stating that he is financially healthy to stay and travel in the USA.

    The Process to Apply for an US Tourist Visa

    It takes three days to a maximum of two weeks to process the application if the person applying for the visiting visa to the USA meets all the requirements. Below are the steps to register for the tourist visa to travel to the United States of America.

    • The first step is to download the non-immigrant application form (DS-160) available online and fill it with the correct details as per your passport. 
    • Make the application payment online and keep a copy of the receipt for further verification.
    • After making the payment, you must get an appointment with the respective authorities dealing with the tourist visa by fixing the date and time according to your convenience. 
    • Upload all the supporting documents while applying to make sure that you have fulfilled all the requirements.
    • Attend the place scheduled on the appointment date, take all the required documents with you and answer the questions asked by the authorities correctly.
    • Finally, the processing of the application starts and you can travel when you get your visa ready.

    To learn more about the USA tourist visa, click here.


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