Plastic and cosmetic surgery is growing in demand today. As the number of people interested in procedures increases, there is also an increase in the service providers in this sector. More and more people are studying it and specializing in the field. Dr. Paulo Michels is one of such. Dr. Paulo is the best plastic surgeon in Dubai who aims to transform people and give them a new look that they will love for life. There is so much he can do, from improving the shape of the nose to liposuction and more.

    Here are some services you will find at Dr. Paulo Michels that will help you have a better body structure. 

    1. Vaser high definition liposuction: Liposuction is a kind of body contouring procedure that needs care and precision. The process is smooth, but the real things start after it. There is a big hustle in maintaining and protecting against infections. With Dr. Paulo, you can find the best care before and after your services. There would be no problems worrying about anything going wrong. 
    1. Tummy tuck/ Abdominoplasty: Tummy tuck is a popular procedure in which the surgeon takes off the excess fat from the tummy and tightens the skin to finish the look. You will find this service at Dr. Paulo’s clinic with extreme carefulness and expertise. A tummy tuck is a safe process that decreases your risk of getting any post-surgery complications. 
    1. Fat transfer/ BBL/ Brazilian butt lift: Brazilian butt lift is a technique where your body fat is used to fill in your butt and to make it look bigger. This procedure has proved to be super helpful and functional for people looking to adjust their body structure. Dr. Paulo can do this augmentation in the best possible way. 
    1. Buttock implants: The buttock implants work the best way for people who do not have much fat around the body to get a Brazilian butt lift. It is just like any other implant where silicon is inserted into the body to make the part look much more enhanced and extensive. 
    1. Body Contouring/ Body lift: As some people like appearing chunky and more prominent in some parts, some people like being slimmer and thinner. Body contouring is a process through which fat is removed from a person’s body, and the body is shaped tight rightly to create a pleasing body shape. 
    1.  Breast procedures: Along with all the body procedures, Dr.Paulo also offers a wide range of breast procedures. Be it breast implants, augmentation, mastopexy, and so; he has got it all. There are many different reasons why one might want to get breast surgery, and it is not always for fashion purposes; Dr. Michels can cater to all kinds of needs. 

    You know what to do if you want to get any of these procedures. Call now and get an appointment with the best cosmetic surgeon in Abu Dhabi. He can surely help you have the ideal body structure you always wished and prayed for.


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