Things to avoid while using facial serums 

    Facial serums are an integral element that makes your skin care routine complete and effective. If you want to complete your skincare routine, it is essential to invest in the best serums. Vitamin C, vitamin E, whitening, skin tightening and many other serums are popular in skin care. 

    When you buy the skincare packages, you will get these serums in the deal as well. Using them reflects impressive results on your skin. However, many users make some drastic mistakes while using the facial serum Pakistan. These mistakes and mishandlings eventually lead them to experience some of the lethal side effects or put them at risk. 

    Applying more than recommendation

    Applying too much serum gives you better results. It is a myth that most people have in their mind. Remember, using anything more than recommendation will never benefit you. In fact, it does have its own damages to your skin. However, facial serums are healthy and safe for skin. However, using them more than recommended can be dangerous as well. 

    Sharing the serums 

    Sharing is caring but now in the skin care. If you are used to sharing skincare products with others then you are into sharing skin problems as well. The products you apply on skin from serums to brushes, puffs, and makeup, everything needs to be exclusive. You cannot make it public. It is a sensitive topic and you will never want to risk your skin. 

    Avoid sharing your serum and do avoid using the public display swatches. Numerous people previously use these trial products and you never know the consequences. 

    Touching your serum dropper to skin 

    One of the common mistakes that people do while using facial serums is to touch the dropper to the skin. Unconsciously, they apply the serum directly from the dropper. While dropping the serum, the tip of the drop might touch the skin. Sometimes, people deliberately make it touch, as it can feel satisfying. 

    Touching the dripper on skin can eventually transfer any infection or bacteria to the serum dropper and the serum as well. It is better to drop serum on your hands and apply it gently to the skin.

    Too hard to absorb it to skin 

    If you prefer to rub serum hard on skin to make it absorb quickly then you are wrong. Serum is not like a lotion, it is a thick serum that has its own oil, texture and settlement time. You cannot rub it on skin to make it settle down quickly. Instead, let it set on skin with time. You need patience for the procedure. 

    Not letting it set on skin 

    If you are not letting serum to set on skin, you are not benefiting from it. Normally, we use serums in the skin care routine and that includes night drill. Make sure when you apply serum, you are not using any other product. A serum is good enough to give you good coverage. Moreover, let it set on skin for some time before you move ahead with any other product. 


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