Abayas, being a graceful impact are now being used as a fashion clothing by a number of women specially in the UAE. To bring development in today’s fashion of abaya and hijab we have launched a new product for our customers. And this launch is a great transformation in the history of abayas so that abayas don’t have to be boring anymore. Development in hijab styles provide females with lavishing fashion, power, enhanced beauty, and liberty. This really helps them conquer because by carrying abaya in different styles, makes them look exceptional.

    Crystal Abaya Collection:

    Taking this into consideration we have brought crystal abaya for you which has been enhanced in looks by natural fabrics and high-end patterns that reflect uniqueness, functionality, and a general awareness about global and climatic developments. To reach every eye we have high-end eye-catching glittery crystal abayas for our customers.

    Details that You Would Love to Wear:

    In our crystal designed abaya, we are using Swarovski crystals in innovative and contemporary style. The delicate flow of abaya lends itself ideally to Swarovski crystal embroidery and lamination. The embroidery of crystals is on black fabric on some abayas while others have it on bright colors. We have a variety of artwork and cut work on our different crystal abaya collections. In our new collection we also have a colored abaya with different colors of Swarovski elements design.

    Options to get Your Own Unique Collection:

    Also, we have launched floral designed abayas that have patterns of flowers on back or on the tail. They really give a unique look to your abaya and also make you wear your abaya more often. Different colored fabrics of different cut works like tailed abaya, poncho shaped abaya, umbrella sleeved abaya and also maxi like abaya are there on the website for your ease. We also have black Swarovski crystals on black fabric that make it look more vibrant for people who don’t like to wear abayas with colored crystal work. The fabric, which most of our women worry about is chosen in a way that it can be carried in summers and winters both. The decent colors sooth you in summers while the fabric keeps you warm in winters.

    Our Hijab Collection:

    Other than crystal abayas we also have hijabs. Today, before you put on your abaya, check our website because we have something exactly what you are looking to where with it that is, a wide range of beautiful and vibrant hijabs and head covers. Women around the globe try to be specific in wearing hijabs with clothes that is, the hijabs should match their dresses. For their convenience, we have designed plain head covers with printed hijabs so that they give vivid looks to our customers. Hijab UAE are ordered by women frequently as they enhance the beauty of their colorful dresses even abayas. They give nice appearance and decent look to women who wish to cover themselves. A number of colors, styles and high-end patterns are there to provide variety to our hijabs. So, if you are still wearing your dull black abaya and hijab you need to check our outlet because you are missing out a lot.


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