Flowers are not some mere plants existing to give to those whom you hold intimate and romantic feelings for however, these beautiful inflorescences can also be used to express your sympathy to the beloved relative, friends, and family of the deceased. Because when an irreplaceable loss occurs such as losing a closed one, the most sympathetic gesture is to dispatch a suitable bouquet of condolences flowers Dubai appropriate for the event to the funeral. For the arrangement of funeral, appropriate inflorescence ROSE CHARMS flowers Dubai and cake delivery shop has got you covered.

    Considering the number of flower species that can be found all around the globe it is extremely difficult to figure out exactly what type and species of inflorescence are appropriate for a funeral. Therefore, we have prepared a list of flowers you can choose from to send over at the funeral of your deceased friend, family member, etc. to express your sorrow to the family members who lost a beloved companion.

    1. LILIES: lilies have a very deep correlation with funerals and sorrowful emotions since they represent the “innocence and modesty” that has been brought back to the soul of the deceased.

    Following are the two other types of lilies with their meanings that can also be used to express condolences:

    • WHITE LILY: it expresses dignity and nobility
    • WHITE STARGAZER LILIES: to specifically express your sympathetic feelings
    1. GLADIOLI: this inflorescence has a very unique and attractive outer look that is composed of numerous flowers at the top with an approximately 4 feet tall stem. Gladioli symbolizes “truthfulness, righteousness, and firmness of persona”.
    2. CARNATIONS: carnations have a very enduring fragrance making them perfect for events such as funerals.  Following are the types of carnations flowers with their meanings that can also be used to express condolences:
    • RED CARNATIONS: to symbolize admiration
    • PINK CARNATIONS: to symbolize memorial and recall
    • WHITE CARNATIONS: to symbolize regardless and innocent fondness
    1. ROSES:  being an approximately 35,000,000 years old plant explains its widespread popularity. It exists in a variety of different shapes, colors, and sizes. Well, it is no news that roses represent “warmth and intimate attachment”, but did you have any idea that with a change in colors the meaning of these charming plants also varies? 

    Following are the common colors in which the rose can be found all around the world and the meaning hidden behind its changing colors:

    • RED ROSE: to express your love, attachment, and honor
    • PINK ROSE: to express feelings of admiration, ascendancy, and respect
    • WHITE ROSE: Modest, youthful, and pure fondness
    • DARK CRIMSON ROSE: to express deep sorrow and heartache
    • YELLOW ROSE: to symbolize the strength of the relationship you had with the deceased friend
    • BOUQUET COMPOSED OF A SINGLE FLOWER OF ROSE: represents the life-long love and admiration for the departed soul

    There is absolutely no doubt in the fact that you will easily find condolences flowers Dubai at ROSE CHARMS flowers and cake shop for the speedy flowers Dubaidispatch at the funeral of the departed soul to express your condolences and grief.


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