What You Should Know About Endometriosis?

    Humans are created perfectly. However, the more proportionate they look from the outside, the more complicated they are from the inside. There are thousands of processes going smoothly inside the body that we are unaware of. We just get disturbed when anything bad happens, for instance, fever, diarrhea, or any chronic disease. Endometriosis is also one of these medical conditions. It occurs when tissues analogous to the striping of the uterus called endometrium start accumulating outside the cavity of the cervix.

    Endometriosis mostly pertains to fallopian tubes, tissues lining the area below the abdomen, and the sex gland. However, sometimes the tissues identical to the endometrium also grow beyond the pelvic area around the rectum, vagina, urethra, cervix, bladder, and uterus.

    You might wonder about what are the spurs and signs of endometriosis. Well, no need to go further, just keep reading to discover. But before you commence let us guide you:  If you are looking for a skillful gynecologist for you or your loved ones for the treatment of endometriosis Dubai, you can visit Dr. Charles’ Gynecology Clinic.

    Now, let’s get back to the topic:

    Symptoms of Endometriosis

    There are no fixed symptoms of endometriosis. They vary from person to person. For instance, some people may experience moderate symptoms while others may have dull or serious symptoms. Keep in mind that serious pain does not mean that you are at a severe stage of endometriosis. The dissipation of pain does not demonstrate the stage or level of this medical condition.

    Some people have a mild level of this disease but still experience overwhelming pain. While others have the severe form of this disease and do not feel much distress. In fact, some may even not experience any major symptoms.

    Below are symptoms of endometriosis that most patients suffer:

    • pelvic pain
    • cramps for approximately 7 to 14 days around periods
    • infertility
    • irritative bowel movements
    • pain in the lower back during menses
    • heavy bleeding during periods
    • pain and discomfort during sex
    • severe pain during periods

    Some of these signs are not so common. However, discomfort in the pelvis is widespread among patients with endometriosis. To be mindful of any gynecological changes it is crucial to schedule a call and pay a visit to a gynecologist regularly. You should not overlook it if you possess any two of the above-mentioned signs.

    Reasons Behind Endometriosis

    The obvious reason for endometriosis is still unknown. However, the most possible reasons behind this medical condition are:

    ●      Retrograde Menstrual Flow

    During periods, some tissues flow to the pelvis and different organs of the body out of the fallopian tube.

    ●      Issues with Immune System

    When the immune system of our body does not function suitably, it fails to spot and annihilate unevenly thrived endometrial tissues.

    Also, females who have this condition are more prone to get certain cancers and immune system disorders.

    ●    Genetics

    Endometriosis is a congenital illness and so runs in families. Some women may inherit it in their genes.

    ●      Other Causes

    High amounts of estrogen and Cesarean are also proved to cause this medical condition. 


    You can contact Dr. Charles’ Gynecology Clinic for every kind of gynecological issue including endometriosis and laparoscopic surgery in Dubai.


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